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How data Network works "WARRIORS OF THE NET"

Shows basic understanding how a network data is sent across a network ,LAN, WAN and of course the World Wide Web . The purpose of firewalls routers and switches etc. Different types of protocols ..Some use of ip addressing ... Viewed this film the very first begining of the CCNA Cisco network fundamental course at college... i will upload more in depth..on the course.. at a later date .. So keep learning .. : - )
Global_Controversial : Same here brother. And they told us to write down some notes and doubts on it today. But the video is very good.
AvionDylan : I was brutally forced to watch this in class today

Warriors of the Net HD

For more info about the movie visit the warriors site

Subtitles/Closed Caption available in:
Russian - by Jane Lee
Chinese Simplified - by Gilbert Wong
Chinese Traditional - Shine.Yen
Polish - by Slawomir Kmiecik
Croatian- by Matej Labudić

Digital remastered from original material
Lilli B. : If anyone needs it in words to search easier, here it is,drop%20of%20a%20hat%20%2D%20literally.
Bepis Lord : thoroughly convinced this is Hell
Daffny Grace Cuerbo : BSIT-4B ? ANYONE HERE???
Khayrie Perez : 10/10 amazing, beautiful... Would watch again. Deserves an oscar
Jeroen B. : A friend of mine had to watch this (again) on his first day at microsoft, so go figure about it's validity ;)
Roshan Gurung : Anyone watching this because you couldnot understand what teacher was explaining!
Grace McGettigan : Awesome video that fully describes how in a fragment of a second I'm typing this and it's going onto this comment line
Railgap Esoterica : Great job on the deinterlacing.
Rifat Ahammed : \m/..........Thank you for this thing and hats off you guys for your brainstorming and dedication to make this animation.

Warrior Poet Society Network

Introducing the Warrior Poet Society Network tm., a full streaming service on iOs, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire.

Launch date: June 1, 2020



It's been a long time coming, and we're thrilled to take on this responsibility of getting you the content you want without the big-tech censorship. Over the next several months we are rolling out some awesome long-form content (think The Office meets John Wick) featuring a growing list of other personalities you enjoy; Ryan Cleckner, Johnny B, Craig Douglas to name a few. And we're just getting started! There will be pistol and rifle classes on the network for you to stream as a supplement for in-person training, as well as tons of behind-the-scenes hilarity and challenges a business such as Warrior Poet Society face on a regular basis.

Warrior Poet WEBSITE -
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Official Launch:
- Online training with John Lovell. Training classes (pistol 1 \u0026 2, rifle 1 \u0026 2, etc.)
- Warrior Poet Shows
- Lots of other shows with guys like knife fighter Craig Douglas, long range shooter Ryan Cleckner, and more coming in 2020 and 2021.
- Livestreams

(DISCLAIMER: This post may contain paid advertisements or affiliate links. What is an affiliate link? It means that if you click on one of the product links, Warrior Poet Society will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the channel and allows awesome future content. Thank you for the support!)
James Monson : Great that it's gonna be on all these different apps and mobile devices, but can it also be accessed in-browser on desktop?
Alvia Casteel : P.T.S.D
Alvia Casteel : Is the knowledge free or is there a monthly subscription
Good News : This channel is awesome! Great content. Well appreciated
Cravat Stevens : This man is a homosexual.
American Patriot : Perfect. Keep it up John! Been watching you since the beginning!
GSR PATROL UNIT : Do It Brother! Dont let the 105 communist who the video sway you
Shirley Upvall : Confirmed by Clackamas County Sheriff's Dep't, Antifa starting 'unexplained' fires.
Bama Chad : Great video as all the f your videos are. I fully support you and what you do for us
Edward st.antoine : ;)




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