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HK G11 - необычная штурмовая винтовка и её безгильзовый патрон. G11 - Обзор оружия.

Обзор оружия Heckler \u0026 Koch G11. Поистине футуристическая и необычная штурмовая винтовка HK G11 , как по внешнему виду, так и по внутреннему содержанию.

В видео использованы следующие материалы:
1. Bill Brown - Search and Destroy (OST C\u0026C Generals)
2. Heckler \u0026 Koch G11 Assault Rifle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_didDgUjn0
3. H\u0026K G11/HD - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoTU-X0qbnQ\u0026t=1s
4. HK G11 - https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/HK_G11
Matías Zúñiga : Fuaaa no hablo ruso y me recomienda esto youtube saludos al que vea este comentario :v
Дио Леев : Чужие.
Lebowski : С такой отдачей в режиме автоматического огня с пяти метров слону в жопу не попасть) Не говоря уже о том чтобы в бой вступить))) Её же невозможно контролировать
Tutejšy : Мне бы такую винтовку...
Джедаев гонять.
333 333 : как то пытались еще в 1 мировую,сделать мотор для самолета на порохе.типа мощь колосальная и вследствии маневреность самолета должна была дать превосходство в воздушном бою,но не получилось
TommyTarkov : ein tolles gewehr schade das es nicht ernst genug genommen wird, das ist die zukunft !
Серебряный Лис : Скорострельность - дерьмо. Весь магазин вылетит за секунду. Калибр никудышный.
Пикча : Где-то я её видел! А точно в Black ops
Алик Иванов : Это стрелковое оружие будущего. Все эти гильзе и откатывающие назад затворы это вчерашний день.
Владимир Иванович : Ненадежный вид . Лучше сделайте 5 стволов, тогда пригодится.

Kraut Space Magic: the H&K G11


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I have been waiting for a long time to have a chance to make this video - the Heckler \u0026 Koch G11! Specifically, a G11K2, the final version approved for use by the West German Bundeswehr, before being cancelled for political and economic reasons.

The G11 was a combined effort by H\u0026K and Dynamit Nobel to produce a new rifle for the German military with truly new technology. The core of the system was the use of a caseless cartridge developed in the late 60s and early 70s by Dynamit Nobel, which then allowed H\u0026K to design a magnificently complex action which could fire three rounds in a hyper-fast (~2000 rpm) burst and have all three bullets leave the barrel before the weapon moved in recoil.

Remarkably, the idea went through enough development to pass German trials and actually be accepted for service in the late 1980s (after a funding shutdown when it proved incapable of winning NATO cartridge selection trials a decade earlier). However, the reunification with East Germany presented a reduced strategic threat, a new surplus of East German combat rifles (AK74s), and a huge new economic burden to the combined nations and this led to the cancellation of the program. The US Advanced Combat Rifle program gave the G11 one last grasp at a future, but it was not deemed a sufficient improvement in practical use over the M16 platform to justify a replacement of all US weapons in service.

The G11 lives on, however, as an icon of German engineering prowess often referred to as "Kraut Space Magic" (in an entirely complimentary take on the old pejorative). That it could be so complex and yet still run reliably in legitimate military trials is a tremendous feat by H\u0026K's design engineers, and yet one must consider that the Bundeswehr may just have dodged a bullet when it ended up not actually adopting the rifle.

Many thanks to H\u0026K USA for giving me access to the G11 rifles in their Grey Room for this video!

Forgotten Weapons
PO Box 87647
Tucson, AZ 85754
Brandon King : How about a gpmg G11
Jeffrey Chen : i was hoping he would demonstrate the gun by firing it.
Чики Брики : This is a clockwork gun holy shit
Jim The Raspberry : Less of the ‘Kraut’ you backwards Yankanadian.
Mr Floppy : Engineers: This is an amazing engineering feat

Me: This that Call Of Duty gun ?
Jim Vick : Would love to hear the backstory of how the Hubologists got these things...
LION TAMER : this thing is completely absurd, and while I'm being honest, it must have taken a lot beer to design and produce this monstrosity
Taylor Black : That is forreal the stupidest looking gun tho
DG E : "Using the HK G11 is how i developed 100% accuracy in Arulco" Rudy "Lynx-Eyed" Roberts
Lasky Labs : So... OICW next?

Heckler & Koch G11 Assault Rifle

Heckler \u0026 Koch G11 assault rifle used in the U.S. Advanced Combat Rifle program.

Advanced Combat Rifle Program weapons evaluated the:
- Steyr ACR:

- Colt ACR:

- Heckler \u0026 Koch G11:






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