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How powerful is the CX16 : Part 1 CPU

In this series I will be comparing the CX16 series aspects against other machines to see how it stacks up. Hopefully putting an end to the "can the CX16 out do X,Y,Z post"
Correction : The 68000 only has a 24bit bus exposed so is Limited to 16MB.
Paul Robson : The 65C02 is a terrible choice. No point in having a good tile/sprite engine (though what else it can do is questionable) if you access it via a clapped out 8 bit instruction set through a tiny pipe. It's bizarre to say "if everything is 8 bits" ; in the CX16 it isn't. Virtually all the data being processed is 16 bit.
earthsteward70 : What the fuck were they thinking with x86 ASM, this is disgusting!
Jim O'Flaherty : Here's a link to Part 2:
StinkerB06 : You should've also done comparisons with the Z80.
Stephen White : For the same price as a 65C02 you can get a STM32H750 that can run at 480Mhz with a dual issue pipeline.
Shane Hebert : The 68000 is straightforward to program. With eight data registers and eight address registers (and you can actually use address registers to do many things if you need to, but there are some things you can't do with address registers, like byte operations) and several useful addressing modes, you can pretty much think in C and translate it in your mind to 68000 ASM with little effort. Step up to a 68020 or later and it's about as nice as you can get in ASM aside from load/store architectures :)
galier2 : At 7:34 Address space of the 68000 is 24 bits (16MB) not 32 bits (4GB).
voiox : M = mega, m = milli.
Starry Dynamo : Nice work! I'd like to see the 6809 added to this, if possible.

How powerful is the CX16 : Part 2 Graphics

This video I square the CX16's VERA up against the TG-16, MegaDrive, SNES, Amiga ECS, CGA, EGA and VGA to see what is what and what you can expect.
Oziphanto : Correction :- on the Colours page, the VGA is listed as 16bit THIS IS WRONG its 18Bit colour.
Kevin Adler : You can actually sort of do bitmap on the Mega Drive with blast processing:

Doesn't really change the equation, since it's pretty unrealistic outside of demos, but thought I'd share in case you hadn't seen it.
earthsteward70 : Looks like the CX-16 is gonna be pretty average but with the easier 6502 programming
Lennart Sorensen : Doesn't the 9x16 characters (tiles?) on VGA require using 720x400 resolution (80x25 text mode) not the 640x480 graphics mode that was listed earlier? Not to mention 1 of the 9 columns has to be empty (or a copy of the 8th column for a range of characters).
Jim O'Flaherty : Here's a link to the part 1:

Przemysław Stalmach : I'd like to say that in old days VRAM basically meant dual port DRAM. Sprites - well that was useful in 2D games, yes, but apparently not so much with 3D or pseudo 3D except HUD components. When pure CPU was available sprites were out of the business, especially when high color modes were introduced. I know, I know, we're still taking about basically 8bit machine Commander X16 is. But... one part of the equation is what the hardware can do. The other one is what developers can easily make of. Using Copper and Blitter in Amiga was challenging at times, even more when faster CPUs were implemented (i.e. turbo cards), at the time it was easier to play with RTG + fast cpu than ECS + blitter + fast cpu as CPU was basically faster in some operations than on-die blitter. It - again - took some time to find a sweetspot which uses DMA and mem access, and blitter and copper to the fullest. I hope this process could be omitted in case of commander X16 and we'd basically get decent capabilities with c/c++ libs right off the bat.
TheKetsa : no DMA = Sucks.

Кресло-коляска для инвалидов CONVAID CRUISER CX16

Кресло-коляска Convaid Cruiser CX16 предназначена для для транспортировки детей с нарушениями опорно-двигательного аппарата при помощи сопровождающего лица как внутри помещения, так и на улице.
Дженiфер Савченко : А где можно купить и сколько стоїт?
Vacidzasi : А сколько стоит?




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